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High Performance、SOA、Scalability; Availability; Webapps; Reliability; Architecture [SOA] SOA 应用五大问题所在-水青木华 #

SOA刚刚经历了喧嚣的一年, 而这种刺激和变化才刚刚开始而已。各种机构团体继续对服务设计的多变的前景,服务总线,和服务管理甚至仅仅针对服务本身进行再次检测。这是由多方面的情绪引发的,很多人对于SOA在IT业中的成熟度与大致情况感到困惑。 但是,对于其在联合商业与技术方面的潜力,人们还是抱着毋庸置疑的兴奋。 [High_Perform; SOA] High Performance SOA #

In the world of information technology, the concept of abstractions are particularly handy. Take, for example, the Services abstraction at the heart of SOA, which masks the complexity of the underlying technology implementation while presenting composable business Services to internal and external users. But every abstraction comes at a price, and the Services abstraction is no exception. Loose coupling, composability, agility, and the other benefits of SOA all introduce performance overhead. For limited sets of Services with small numbers of users, this performance hit may be minimal. For SOA implementations with large numbers of users, Services, or traffic, however, maintaining the necessary performance levels presents a substantial challenge, both to the architects who design the infrastructure as well as IT operations personnel who are responsible for keeping the lights on. [Scalability; Availability; Webapps; Reliability; Architecture] Files: LiveJournalScalingPaper #

LiveJournal's Backend-A history of scaling

Asp.Net、performance_optimization、Cache、 memcache

[Asp.Net] 提高ASP.Net应用程序性能的十大方法 - 莫文技术的专栏 - CSDNBlog #

提高asp.net应用程序性能的常说的神话有用的提高asp.net应用程序性能的技巧Asp.net应用程序操作数据库的建议Asp.net中的缓存与后台处理进程 [Unix&Linux Platforms; performance_optimization] RHEL 4 性能优化 - Bekars涡轮增压的Blog ^_^ - CSDNBlog #

本文档针对OOP8生产环境,具体优化策略需要根据实际情况进行调整;本文档将在以下几个方面来阐述如何针对RedHat Enterprise Linux进行性能优化。 [Unix&Linux Platforms; performance_optimization] 深入浅出Linux操作系统的优化和微调_linux_Linux_天极Yesky #

针对系统的优化工作需要根据不同的系统采用不同的办法。本文旨在描述通用的优化 Linux 的一些办法。 [Cache; WP] Ricardo Galli, de software libre ?WP-Cache 2.0 #

WP-Cache is an extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching Worpress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly from the file rather than loading and compiling the whole PHP code and then building the page from the database. WP-Cache allows to serve hundred of times more pages per second, and to reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond. [cacti; memcache] memcached Cacti Template #

This template provides a host template and associated graphs for graphing the output of the memcached stats command on individual memcached installations.

How to、Rsync、LDAP、Squid、DNS、CDN、GSLB、Cluster

[Fedora_Core; HOWTO:] Installing A LAMP System With Fedora Core 6 #

Installing A LAMP System With Fedora Core 6 [LAMP] Lighttpd Squid Apache搭建高效率Web服务器 #

Lighttpd Squid Apache搭建高效率Web服务器 [squid] Crypto Resync :: Installing Squid with Active Directory Authentication #

Proxy servers are fairly essential devices that should be part of a network’s perimeter defense strategy. They are devices that allow clients to indirectly access network services via a connection through them. In an enterprise environment, proxy servers are used to aid in enforcement of acceptable use and security policies. [dns] longrujun : DNS TSIG实现CDN GSLB #

Note1、 本文只涉及User-Server-User过程[Request及Response请参考上图]2、 有关站点加速及Cache请参考:http://longrujun.com/tags/SQUID/default.aspx3、 有关大规模站点体系规划及性能优化请参考下图,不深入探讨 [Windows Server 2003&Windows Vista; run2tech] Compute Cluster Server: Product Evaluation #

Compute Cluster Server: Product EvaluationCompute Cluster Server: Getting StartedCompute Cluster Server: DeploymentWindows Compute Cluster Server 2003 DeploymentCompute Cluster Server: OperationsCompute Cluster Administrator OperationsCompute Cluster User OperationsCompute Cluster Server: Technical ReferenceWindows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Technical Reference [Windows Server 2003&Windows Vista; run2tech; Cluster、Replication、Snapshot] Deploying and Managing Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 #

Deploying Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 is not a complex operation, but as with all technology, it requires forethought and planning. Therefore, it is critical to understand the key concepts involved, which include: LDAP、IIS7、MSSQL2005

[LDAP] LDAP Series Part II - Netscape Directory Server | Linux Journal #

Two years ago today, Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik confirmed the purhase of two prized enterprise products from AOL - Netscape Directory Server and Netscape Certificate Management System. He also noted than Red Hat intended to open source the products within 12 months. [LDAP] LDAP Series Part I - 'Bulldozer' | Linux Journal #

LDAP provides the common interface for interoperability between and amongst all those systems. We can build our own SQL databases and hope to interconnect with our customers and suppliers but unless we have a common specification, we can't work together. LDAP provides an Internet standard that requires LDAP servers to communicate using the same Access Protocol. LDAP is the origin of unified identity management referred to in the industry as single sign-on. [IIS7] IIS 7.0 Beta: IIS 7.0 Feature Reference #

IIS 7.0 Beta: IIS 7.0 Feature ReferenceIIS 7.0 Beta: IIS 7.0 ArchitectureIIS 7.0 Beta: IIS 7.0 ConfigurationIIS 7.0 Beta: Operations GuideIIS 7.0 Beta: Installing IIS 7.0IIS 7.0 Beta: IIS Administration ToolsIIS 7.0 Beta: Configure a Web Server to Serve ContentMore... [SQLSERVER 2000&2005] Using TRY/CATCH to Resolve a Deadlock in SQL Server 2005 #

A deadlock is an inevitable situation in the RDBMS architecture and very common in high-volume OLTP environments. A deadlock situation is when at least two transactions are waiting for each other to complete. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) of .NET lets SQL Server 2005 provide developers with the latest way to deal with error handling. In case of a deadlock, the TRY/CATCH method is powerful enough to handle the exceptions encountered in your code irrespective of how deeply nested the application is in a stored procedure. [SQLSERVER 2000&2005; run2tech] SQL 2005 Web Synchronization for Merge Replication #

Contents 1. Configuring your Web Server for Web Synchronization 2. Configuring Your SQL Server Publisher for Web Synchronization 3. Configuring Your Publication for Web Synchronization 4. Configure Your Local Subscribers for Web Synchronization 5. Configure your Remote Subscribers for Web Synchronization 6. Summary


[web2.0] O'Reilly -- What Is Web 2.0

What Is Web 2.0Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software [run2tech; web2.0; websecurity] War on Web 2.0 Terror #

War on Web 2.0 Terror [生活] 你周围的人决定你的生活质量 - 刘韧Blog - DonewsBlog #

我想,当前的关键问题是:决大部人还处在水深火热之中,潇洒不起来。谁让我们是奋斗的一代呢? [Review The Observer | Review | Websites that changed the world #

'To mark the web's 15th anniversary, The Guardian is reporting on 15 websites that changed the world. Everything from commercial sites like eBay and Amazon to social collaboratives like Wikipedia and Slashdot made the list.'